BJP IT Team : 'Oiled Propaganda Machine' spreading rumors and lies

By Puneet Bawa - January 28, 2018

Never make negative comments or spread rumors about anyone. It depreciates their reputation and yours.
The BJP IT team has been expert in spreading rumors and lies. Their propaganda machine is very well oiled and with the large number of Indians who are scared that Hinduisim is in danger, they believe and forward anything they get from the BJP IT team.

  • Womanizer Arvind Kejriwal: Here, a fake photo (photoshopped) of Arvind Kejriwal was spread in which he was sandwiched between two beautiful air hostesses.

    • But hey, even if AK took a selfie with few beautiful women, why bother? Is that a crime?
      • AAP is linked to CIA (via Ford): Because Ford Foundation had funded the NGO or Arvind Kejriwal, it was alleged that AK has links with the CIA. It turned out that even BJP government had taken funds from the Ford Foundation!.
      This has been a raging issue, however not every entity that got funding from Ford is linked to CIA. GEER is one of the examples. There are more like Tata Institute of Social Sciences, ADR, IIT Bombay, IIM Ahmedabad (oh yeah!) and so one.
      • Giving Arvind a Red Light car!: It was alleged with the backing of a photoshopped image that Arvind Kejriwal used a red beacon car. Turned out, it was a Green beacon car of Kerela CM!
      • AAP government attacking Teachers!: It was much rumoured that the Delhi government, run by AAP, had used brutal force against the agitating teachers. It turned out that the photo was from the state of Uttarakhand, not of Delhi!
      Well well, very simple to do, right?
      • Using Chetan Bhagat and Kiran Bedi's imaginary statements: The fake statements with the photos of celebrated author Chetan Bhagat and BJP's Delhi CM candidate (then an IAC activist) were spread. Both of them negated that they had said any such thing!
      This, I think was the real low. Both Bhagat and Bedi are BJP sympathizers and are anyway attacking AAP all the time. However, still even they could not gulp down the shamelessness with which BJP propaganda team used them to spread lies against AAP. Pathetic, reall.
      • Fudging opinion poll results! And when all failed, the opinion poll data was fudged to show that there was a huge discontent against the AAP. It turned out that the captions were changed to suit the BJP!
      Not happy with an opinion poll result? Don't worry, we would change the captions. And lo behold! Here is a pol which suits BJP! Juvenile, isn't it?
      • Who was really attacked? When an AAP worker was attacked and injured by the goons of the BJP, the BJP instead spread the photo stating that, that very person was from BJP and AAP had attacked him!
      When you beat up AAP guy, show him as a BJP guy. Now, even after attacking, you are the victim too. :-)
      • Use mistakes by media as the truth! When media had mistakenly tweeted factually incorrect things, and later apologies ed, the BJP still continued to spread the incorrect tweets!
      India Express goofs up, says sorry and corrects mistake. But no! BJP team would still use the false statement to attack AAP. Desperate, really!
      • And they find Modi everywhere! During rally of Dr Kumar Vishwas, there was a photo of a flower somewhere in the background. That was changed by the social media team of the BJP and captioned as that of Modi's photo! In a way, they stated that the photo of the AAP rally was photoshopped and the crowd was originally from a BJP rally!
      How, they tell lies that a poster of a flower is actually Modi. haha.
      • Find boozers, give them a virtual AAP cap!
      A group of kids is drinking. Now, photoshop experts gave them AAP caps. Too bad AAP team dug out the original photo. :-)
      • Arvind Kejriwal is a rape accussed
      Arvind Kejriwal accused of RAPE during IIT days? Fake Telegraph newspaper clipping about Delhi CM goes viral on WhatsApp!

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