Radical Steps leading to the 'Changed Significance' of Indian Flag

By Puneet Bawa - January 26, 2018

We’ve all applauded to the hoisting of our flag and also proudly worn it on our chests. But, how many of us actually know the true significance of the colors in it?
Every color on the Indian national flag signifies an important part of the Indian tradition, history, vision and culture.

       ·             The upper most color of our flag
       ·             Denotes the strength of Hindus in the country
       ·             Stands for our courageous history and sacrifice of religious Hindu Mythology

  •         The lower most band of our flag
  •         Denotes the strength of Muslims in the country
  •         Symbolizes the value of our land that life is dependent on.

  •         The middle band of our flag
  •         Objective is to maintain the peace between changed significance of SAFFRON             AND GREEN
  •         Maintaining peace has resulted into the dirt stains of Navy BLUE Chakra over             WHITE color

Navy Blue Chakra:
  •         The middle signifies the “wheel of law” made by stains of riots and fights                     between Hindu and Muslims.
  •         Stands for giving judicial importance to the white color

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