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    Thursday, August 23, 2018

    Bharat Ratna Rajiv Gandhi: An indelible impression as 'Mr. Clean'

    Chandigarh, India:  Rajiv Gandhi, while pressurizing the Maoist rebellion and compromising on an independent initiative to diagnose Sri Lanka's ethnic problem, imposed a curb on the growing strategic intervention of the United States, Pakistan and other countries in the Indian Ocean, and also make the world feel Given that India is a great power in this region, which can not ignore any power in the world. This made India a distinct identity in world politics. Together, Rajiv Gandhi was distinguished internationally.

    But in the last two years of the prime ministership, due to his personal advisors, Rajiv Gandhi came under some controversy, causing a deep shock to his reputation. His image of 'Mr. Clean' was bleak. He became a center of severe criticism and as a result, his party could not get a full majority in the 1989 general elections. In the elections of 1991, the public will make them victorious again with the majority. This belief and support from the public - being overwhelmed by affection, Rajiv Gandhi also broke the backbone of his security. But know the rituals of rituals that only close to him knew that his close friend took his life.

    50 km from Madras on May 21, 1991, Mr. Gandhi was a victim of a fierce bomb blast when he was defeating people in an election rally in Far Perumbudur. This well-planned conspiracy has erupted a youthful age and aspiration from the politics of the country forever, which shook the entire world masses not only for the Indians but also shook the inner side. Rajiv Gandhi's personality, who had the distinction of being the Prime Minister of the world's largest democracy at the youngest, was a symbol of gentleness, friendship, and progress. His rise to the political horizon was unexpected.

    But after taking the prime minister of such a large country on his young shoulders, Rajiv Gandhi distinguished his image as a discriminatory and dynamic politician by taking bold steps and giving a clear view of the burning problems. His obvious utterances and modern ideas soon called him 'Mr. Clean'. In nearly a decade of political life, Rajiv Gandhi left an indelible impression and went away from his country of India forever, the Indian government has paid a tribute to the departed leader of the country, honoring him with the highest honor 'Bharat Ratna'.
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