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    Wednesday, August 15, 2018

    #IndependenceDay : A Message to the Nation and the World by Puneet Bawa

    My Fellow Indians,

    Happy Independence Day 2018. May all there be peace and prosperity and may we rejoice in the blessings that our country has given us for past 71 years. Today, I could feel the pride of emotions that were on the face of our first Prime Minister, Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru, when he raised the tricolor at the Red Fort, declaring the independence in the country on 15th August 1947.

    We Rise and Fall Together as One Nation: We, as a family, have not only shared an improbable love but have also shared an abiding faith in the possibilities for one of the largest democracy in the world, India. We should prosper the fundamental beliefs of protecting not only our close ones but should protect treating everyone as brothers and sisters, who make this country work and run for the futuristic opportunities.   

    National Security and Terrorism: Not only India but we all should take a pledge to make this world a peaceful place. A nation is said to be fully developed when we have a stable and peaceful world with the lesser amount of conflict and more common ground. On this day, our moral duty should be to ease the tensions and hatred present in our troubled world as terrorism has no religion. I want the world to remember the saying of Former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

    Where there is righteousness in the heart,then there is beauty in the character.When there is beauty in the character, then there is harmnony in the home. When there is harmony in the home, then there is order in the nation.When there is order in the nation,then there is peace in the world.

    Climate Change: This decade saw the scorching summer which has parched the land and led to devasting fires all across the world. The terrifying natural disasters are likely to become more regular. Scientists say the Earth may be on a trajectory towards a 'hothouse' climate. Even India is also suffering from the effects of global warming leading to increased heatwaves as seen in Rajasthan, regular floods in the states North and North-East India, regular storms in South India and all rest of it. Our objective should be not to let global warming pass 2C and it is essential to cut emissions now to avoid a desperate, irreversible situation.   

    The need for Cybersecurity: The digital movement has made us digital-dependent and digital-vulnerable. This decade saw the major increase in the theft of hard intellectual data, more security indents were detected. Thereby, leading to the increase in the global spending on cybersecurity. Our objective should be to not involve in any such misleading criminal activities which might lead to the severe effect on one's personal life.

    Religious and Rational Tolerance: Whenever we speak, there are many who are preparing to divide us- the spin masters, the negative peddlers who embraced the politics of anything goes. We are not Hindu Rashtra or Hindu Pakistan but we together as all religion are India, the country where our idols like Mahatma Gandhi have a delivered the worldwide popular message of non-violence.

    Education For All: The children are the future of the world and it is the fundamental right of not only children but everyone in the nation to have a better form of education. The world has already planned the future for the education and now we need everyone to agree to do something about it above all political will as education helps to promote economic growth, empowered women, and strengthen the democracy of the nation.

    Health Challenges: India's healthcare has been in the critical condition. Global Laziness and Ignorance has led us to extreme amounts of garbage and waste that have been improperly discarded to sit and destroy the surrounding environments. This is not the matter of present and future but since the medieval time, the humans have total disregard for other actions which indirectly affect the environment dumping about fecal waste and other waste out the window onto the street, into the rivers. Our objective should be to improve our living conditions as health issues in the country also hamper the development of the nation. Our goal should be to design a valuable and sustainable model to reduce the health challenges in India. Romans were the first ones to work for solving this problem by building the modern sewerage system but even though today, this problem is solved, human still found a way to destroy their environment. 

    Power of Women and Gender equality: I am really inspired by the speech of Kareena Kapoor on the Gender equality which I believe she motivated the nation with a line "What Difference Does it Make?" I could remember Kareena Kapoor's speech on Gender equality, she quotes:

    During these days of pregnancy, there is one question to be asked which I think is quite intrusive - IS IT A BOY OR IS IT A GIRL? She answers "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?"

    This decade saw an explosion in the writing and thinking in feminist theory, but there have been no important courses such. So it is my humble request to the women of India to treat gender equality not only for the women but for everyone- even men included. To all of us in the world, our objective should be to not treat the Gender Equality for the women but the man.

    Water Scarcity and Agrarian Crisis: Water has always been the essential commodity, of which scientists believe that in just 15 years our planet would suffer from the global crisis. There have been many problems in the nation and around the world, but the water is the major one. I am reminded of the fact of the water crisis in the state of Maharashtra in India, Cape Town in South Africa and rest of all. Our objective should be to implement rainwater harvesting projects in order to increase the groundwater by the use of modern techniques, which will not only benefit the group of people in an urban region but also the farmers in the rural region. It is also the fundamental duty of both Centre and State Government to come up with some sustainable plan for the benefits of the farmers as food is also an essential commodity as that of the water. 

    Misuse of Social Media: Social Media, once seen as a mechanism to promote knowledge understanding, and solidarity, has proved to be just effective in promoting hatred and paranoia and propaganda and conspiracy theories. People just make stuff up, resulting in internet-driven fabrications, in the blurring of lines between news and entertainment, and lastly the utter loss of shame in the politicians. Our goals and objectives should be to prevent the crimes like Mob Lynching happening in the country by avoiding both the politics of hatred and the hatred of the speech. 

    Research and Innovation: There are many problems in the troubled and disturbed world. The solutions to these problems in coordination with the aspect of social engineering are termed to be Research and Innovation. The research and innovation in the past have led to major advances in the technology which has shaped the future of the world. Our major objective is to have adequate and appropriate research in our field of interest, which would later serve as an innovation in healing the present and predictable global crisis and thereby, making the world a better and peaceful place than in the past. 

    Thank You!
    May Long our flag wave!
    Puneet Bawa
    (Founder, Every Corner A Story) 

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