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#BharatWins: Bollywood's Music Company T-Series is now the World's #1 YouTube Channel

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Chandigarh, India: Music Company and Indian Film Production House T-series were constantly discussing for a few days that it was in the race for the number #1 YouTube channel. And it has come true. Now T-series has become the world's number one YouTube Channel.

T-Series on YouTube recorded its presence in 2011 with a song from the film "Patiala House". Seven years later, the company has 28 channels on YouTube, which are offering recreational ingredients in nine Indian languages. The company not only uploads movie songs and videos on YouTube but is also presenting other videos related to children and health. There is no doubt that T-Series has the world's largest music and video bank available. The company has 1.60 million songs, 55 thousand music videos. The company's goal is to become Bollywood's largest production house.

Next year, 21 films will be produced under the company's banner. Bhushan Kumar explains, "Occasionally we place two videos on YouTube throughout the day." The video of T-series on YouTube has been watched 5.5 million times. More than half of the channels see the people of India. After that, there are also viewers in Pakistan and Gulf countries.

T-Series achieved this success after overtaking the Swedish YouTube channel PewDiePie. There are about 90.68 million subscribers of T-Series, while PewDiePie has fewer than 90.47 million subscribers. Let us tell you that, between these two YouTube channels, there was a competition to become number one for a long time. To become number one, T-Series owner Bhushan Kumar had also launched a campaign with #BharatWins on social media and had urged all the people to help make T-series the world's most subscribed channel.

Recently a few days ago, Bhushan Kumar posted a video on his Twitter, in which he said that, an Indian YouTube channel which is going to be the world's number one channel. We have worked hard to bring it here. I started this channel to further my father Gulshan Kumar's dream. Today, it has joined you and the whole nation. This is a historic moment for us, so unite and subscribe to T-series YouTube channels and make India proud.

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