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    Wednesday, March 6, 2019

    #SuccessStory of Spinning a Urea Spreading Machine by Dr. Virender Kadyan

    Chandigarh, India: Virender Kadyan was thinking about some innovation again. He saw a helpful farmer with dry, chapped hands and moist legs. Virender walked over to the window and reflected on his beautiful surroundings. He had always loved rural Haryana with its fresh, greener fields. It was a place that encouraged his tendency to feel motivated.

    When he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. As he stepped outside and the farmer came closer, he could see the great glint in his eye. It was the helpful figure of one of the farmers who questioned: “You are Engineer, Can you help me with some machine that can reduce the manual load of spraying urea.” The farmer further added “To a typical man, the land is only a spot where we work. Be that as it may, for a farmer like me, it's substantially more than that. L — Life A — Ambition N — Native D — Determination So the minute my crop lose its identity, I lose my life, my ambition, my native and my determination. In short words, I lose everything.”

    The moment the idea came into the head, he started with the thought of Spinning a new spreading approach.  He did his research work nailing the farmers thought and was becoming quite desirable. Alongside official workload, he managed to bloom in a remarkable world filled with research and innovation. But with his perseverance and cunning, there's nothing to stop him from reaching full potential. He never thought that one day he could become a person of great importance to the deprived community of the farmers in his area.

    He came up with the idea with his team and filed for the patent. Finally, the first success came to him as the device was patented as ‘Compact Urea Spreading Machine’. Now he had a great chance to present this digital device to the world. The only objective for Virender and team was now to sustain productive capacity and retain land nutrients by developing the automated urea spraying machine.

    The work done by the team is on Virender patented component now named as ‘KISSAN UREA MITER’ is focused on structure and manufacture of fertilizer spreader which uses image recognition to detect the presence of green crops and initiate spraying of the fertilizer from the electronic device. The present revelation gives the minimized nutrient dispensing device to consolidate and blend the solid supplement with air to mix and start showering the mixture on the farm. The device gives the mechanical assembly to controlling stream rate of the mixture to be spread on the farm. In this manner, the present revelation expects to give the supplements to the plantation by first checking their colour and spreading the supplement when adequate green colour is found in the corresponding image captured from the camera.

    As the device now completes its prototyping stage, he has now decided to surprise his farmer with this innovative present. The survey done by the team has made the device progress. This invention by Virender Kadyan will make the labour-less demanding, progressively proficient and less time to spread the fertilizer by the farmers. As the device targets productive lifespan, low maintenance cost, the proposed component support farmer income with least urea consumption, less human fatigue. There is a 60% reduction in cost compared to traditional spraying methods. The significant effect will create urea spreader, particularly popular with regards to precision farming.

    There are distinctive approaches to do development. You can plant plenty of seeds, not be focused on a specific one of them, yet simply observe what develops. Furthermore, this truly isn't the way we've moved toward this. We go mission-first, at that point centre around the pieces we need and dive deep on them and be focused on them.

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