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    Sunday, April 28, 2019

    10 Reasons for Youth of India to Reject BJP in LS Elections 2019

    Chandigarh, India: There is a rundown of numerous explanations behind which YOUTH OF INDIA NEED TO REJECT BJP IN 2019 LOK SABHA ELECTIONS, however, this blog of mine covers 10 NOTEWORTHY REASONS FOR YOUTH AS WELL AS MIDDLE CLASS OF INDIA TO REJECT BJP. The BJP has lost the chance to make a trustworthy option conservative story in a helpful way. HERE ARE THE 10 REASONS FOR YOUTH OF INDIA TO REJECT BJP IN 2019 LOK SABHA ELECTIONS:

    1. Elevating Fuel/LPG Prices: In Modi led government, Diesel cost in the country has hit an untouched high of Rs 64.58 per litre in Delhi. Then again, Petrol in Delhi is at a 4-year high of Rs 73.73 per litre. Between Nov 2014 and Jan 2019, when outside rough costs were falling, the Modi Government raised the excise duty on fuel 17 times. This lead to the rising revenue of the Government Of India. 
    Charges by Center and States represent the greater part of the value customers pay for diesel and oil 
    #PradhanMantriUjjwalaYojana, it has been discovered that ladies have still not surrendered traditional fuels like firewoods and dung cakes and still cook on their earthen chulas. PMUY scheme was launched on 31st May 2016 in Balia, Uttar Pradesh with a mean to supplant unclean cooking energizes with LPG. Numerous ladies were offered free LPG cylinder connection for the first time, yet these ladies originate from Below Poverty Line(BPL). As of now presently sitting in one corner of the exposed kitchen is their EMPTY LPG Cylinder.

    Additionally, amid the long stretch of November 2018, LPG customers in the country needed to pay Rs 505.34 per cylinder at the subsidised rates, and Rs 939 per cylinder at non-subsidised rates. LPG or cooking gas costs were expanded by Rs 60 for non-subsidised cylinder and by Rs 2.94 for the subsidised cylinder.

    2. Railway Fare and Dynamic Pricing: As one can recall that Railway had not climbed its passenger price since quite a while in the past, yet it likewise qualified to be referenced that administration charge in privileged societies, Inclusion of GST, cancelling of adaptive passage advantage in higher classes have brought a major weight to be borne by the passenger. The lower class explorers are as yet getting a charge out of the shoddy expense of voyaging.

    Indian Railways tried to learn the dynamic fare dance as practised by the Airlines. But due to the sheer size and ineptness, it could not be agile and nimble-footed.

    Source: Quora

    Source: Quora
    The dynamic price in Indian Railways was meant to garner some additional funds by selling some seats at a premium. But then like all things government, it was messed up during the planning stage itself.
    3. Demonetisation:  Demonetisation is one of the biggest scam Money Laundering Scam orchestrated by the BJP and instead of eradicating black money, it turned or rather helped those to turn their black money into white.  The opposition (Indian National Congress) alleging BJP President Amit Shah and other BJP pioneers including Deputy Chief Minister of Gujarat Nitin Patel, in assent with the Prime Minister of India laundering the dark cash through the Demonetisation

    Opposition accuses Centre for fraud through demonetisation

    New Delhi, Mar 26 (ANI): Leaders of opposition accused Bharatiya Janata Party-led Central government for money laundering through demonetisation in 2016. A tape was played as a proof to blame the government for fraud. The tape was published at a public domain. Meeting was attended by senior leaders Kapil Sibal, Manoj Jha and Ghulam Nabi Azad.

    Congress has been racking up the issue since the Demonetisation happened and Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called the radical step as a 'Monumental Disaster'.The Congress has repeated that the Demonetisation was for the business companions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and furthermore for the enormous corporates and to the bother of the normal men who are to remain in the line. 

    4. Mob Lynching: "If someone is not a sociopath, psychologically disturbed or doesn't have empathy and moral feelings, there are strong inhibitions against killing others. I require the special environment to overcome the inhibitions carry out horrific crimes like a public/mob lynching", from Wire 

    ECAS Politics : The Forced Environment for Mob Lynching in India

    The case of mob lynching in India began due to the atmosphere of hate and suspicion against Muslims, created through the political campaign mainly involving the National Government of India. Engaging in "meat politics" and calling for cow protection had been the common tools for Hindu Nationalist Politicians.

    When you have a Prime Minister of India who as the Chief Minister of Gujarat had himself supported extrajudicial encounters and man as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Yogi Adityanath, who needed to fabricate his political vocation around stifling the minorities, in this way making the mob progressively engaged. Here to the mob, I implied Hindu or Cow Protectors. This lead to the ascent of another type of dread in the nation 'The Saffron Terror'.

    5. Unemployment Crisis and MSME: This year saw India's worst employment since 1972. As per the NSSO(National Sample Survey Office) detailed by Business Standard, between 2011-12 and 2017-18, joblessness in the country has ascended by multiple times. In the year 2017-18, joblessness was at a phenomenal high of 6.1%. 

    The country shouldn't overlook BJP government battled and won elections on the job. Indeed, 34% youthful employment searchers VOTED FOR BJP

    The figures demonstrate that the joblessness emergency in the nation right presently is uncommon. This is the principal study to be held post-demonetisation which stresses the huge failure of the Modi's Government Economic Policies.

    Medium and Small Enterprises was another area hit by the impact of demonetisation of high valued currency notes. The crisis can better be explained by dividing the MSMEs into two sectors - manufacturing sector and services sector

    6. Agrarian Distress and Policies: The depressing state of the farmers can be analyzed by the quantity of farmers suicide in the country. Maharashtra constrained by the fabulous coalition of ShivSena-BJP represents the most noteworthy number of farmers suicide in the nation. In the year 2018, in excess of 30000 farmers from 22 states chose to walk to the capital Delhi challenging the Agro-based strategies of Modi Government. Then again, presently the Congress has guaranteed a separate bill for farmers in their 2019 Manifesto, similar to that of Railways. 

    'Pray to God Modi Govt Doesn't Return to Power': Vidarbha Farmers | The Quint

    The Quint's Chaupal reaches Akola in #Maharashtra's Vidarbha district where farmers give a report card of the #Modi government.

    Government’s Questionable Policy towards Farmers of the country or the state, especially the deaths caused by the police opening fire on unarmed protesting farmers in Mandsaur district. 

    Five die as police fire at farmers protest in Mandsaur, MP

    (Hindustan Times) A snowballing farmers' protest in Madhya Pradesh's Mandsaur district saw more violence on Wednesday, a day after five farmers were killed in police firing. The farmers want chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to visit and guarantee better crop and milk prices as well as a loan waiver.
    The demands revolved around the twin aspects of the increase in the Minimum Support Price, and writing-off Agrarian Loans. Madhya Pradesh government has now come up with the Mukhyamantri Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana as a solution to the demands and is still not effective or successful. Furthermore, the state’s budget was expected to address these concerns as well, but it failed. 

    ECAS Politics : Farmers of Punjab 'Cheated and Unrest' after the MSP Hike

    This blog let the people of India know about the latest news, msp news, farmers news, minimum support price, msp farmers punjab, paddy rates, common and grade A variety and how the farmers of Punjab , cheated and unrest after the MSP hike.

    Regardless of, the Cabinet endorsing the most elevated supreme climb ever in Minimum Support Price (MSP) for Paddy and other Kharif crops in 2018. But MSP hike assured is wrong to be connected with 1.5 times higher price of the crop yield because of the climb in costs of petroleum and diesel, gathering and transportation cost which likewise should be meant which the Modi Government has been discovered obtuse towards the farmers of the nation so as to help the corporates and the industrialists.

    7. Tumbling Indian Rupee and Foreign Economics: This year Indian Rupee hit an unsurpassed low of 74.46 against US dollar. In the tenure of Modi Government, India fought for inflation and a whitening current account stirred by high oil prices. This, in turn, pressurised the selling price the Indian Currency, making the imports for India over the top expensive.

    India's foreign policy got in another stage in 2014 after Narendra Modi's Govt came into the power, however, the PSEUDO AMERICAN CULTURE we wore, ended up being most exceedingly bad for India's remote approach. For example, when in the parliament BJP pioneer thought of the declaration of intercession in the Maldives, they countered. Nepal is now isolated after the disastrous step of Demonetisation and Sri Lanka is as of now into the obligation trap of China and Indo-Myanmar relations solidified on the declaration of 2015 Indian counter-insurgency operation in broad daylight and from that point forward, they have also inclined towards China. India didn't comprehend the draw figure impact of China in South-east Asia. Being forceful in the perspective didn't work and the policy of BJP fizzled. 

    ECAS Agenda: Morning Yawns of Youth by Skirtpal Singh Dhillon

    Patiala, India: The article exhibits the tilt in the prospect of the young generation in India for up and coming Lok Sabha Elections of 2019. America with India: The capitalistic reforms in India have expanded over the most recent few years.

    8. Women Safety: The year 2018 saw a worldwide disgrace for India over its lamentable reputation of ladies' wellbeing. As per a report by Thomson Reuters Foundation, India is the most unsafe nation on the planet to be a lady. In the long stretch of April 2018, thousands took to the road, to request stricter assurance for ladies. Be that as it may, the endeavour to handle the issues starting at now has fizzled. Ladies endure sexual and physical brutality, slave work and corrosive assaults, kid marriage and physical maltreatment. Seven years prior, in a similar review, India was the fourth most risky nation for ladies. 

    #IndiaWithAsifa, the instance of assault and murder unfortunate casualty, Asifa Bano, an 8-year-old young lady from the semi-roaming Bakerwal Muslim Community. The wrongdoing occurred inside the Hindu temple in the Hindu greater part Kathua region of Jammu and Kashmir. 

    For the centuries, Bakerwal community had been grazing horse and sheep in the Himalayas. 

    One BJP minister, Chander Prakash Ganga, reportedly called Bakerwal community pro-Pakistan, insinuating they are disloyal to India. Another BJP minister, Choudhary Lal Singh joined the Hindu groups saying he was ordered by his party to participate in the protests defending the accused. In one speech he said "So what if this girl has died?"
    As per charge sheet reported by Quint: In the course of the investigation, it transpired that Sanji Ram, HC Tilak, and SPO Deepak Khajuria were against the settlements of Bakerwal community. Watch the video below by The Quint to know about the charge sheet and the victims involved in the soft target: 

    Hear the Chilling Details of the Kathua Rape Chargesheet | The Quint

    The horrific Kathua gangrape has resulted in a slew of protests across India. The chargesheet filed against the eight accused in the case mentions some grave details of how the eight-year-old victim was held in a temple and gangraped repeatedly.

    #GauriLankesh, a well-known Senior Journalist was shot dead on her home in Bengaluru. The confession of the principal man, who was captured in the homicide instance of senior Journalist Gauri Lankesh in Bengaluru a year ago, turned out. KT Naveen Kumar, the denounced, said he offered shots to a conservative lobbyist who disclosed to him they were for "Gauri Lankesh as she was anti-Hindu and must be killed." Naveen Kumar is purportedly an arms seller who likewise admitted to a plot to murder a rationalist professor, KS Bhagawan.

    Watch out Ravish Kumar's Speech at Press Club On Senior Journalist Lankesh's Murder. 

    Ravish Kumar's Speech At Press Club On Journalist Gauri Lankesh's Murder

    The gruesome murder of senior journalist and activist Gauri Lankesh outside her house in Bengaluru, has resulted in outrage across the country. Editors and others have condemned the murder, also expressing concern over what they described as a growing intolerance to dissent. At the Press Club in New Delhi, journalists gathered on Wednesday to condemn the killing.

    9. Economics of Rafale Deal: The Rafale Deal, inconvenience for Modi Government this year, when Rahul Gandhi gave a slogan of #ChowkidarChorHai. The slogan given by Rahul Gandi prompted across the board dissent in the nation scrutinizing the national security. The slogan #ChowkidarChorHai prompted the mass triumph of Congress in three states Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. The Rafale Deal has been cited as the Largest Defense Scam of Independent India, where, Modi Government isn't permitting any enquiry as it is smelling of corruption in the deal.

    Indian Rafale deal turns into nightmare for France

    Subscribe to France 24 now: http://f24.my/youtubeEN FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 http://f24.my/YTliveEN Visit our website: http://www.france24.com Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://f24.my/youtubeEN Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FRANCE24.English Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/France24_en

    French NGO SHERPA had filed the complaint with France's Financial Crime Department seeking the clarification for the contract of 36 Rafale Jets to India. French NGO had asked the government of France to clarify that "Under what conditions were the Rafale contract signed between the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and the Former President Francis Hollande?" Moreover, NGO has asked the French Government to clarify that "Under what conditions Anil Ambani's firm Reliance Defence chosen as Dassault Aviation offset partner?"

    10. Clean Ganga: Prime Minister launched the campaign named 'Ganga Namame' in order to clean the holy river of India, The Ganges River. During the election campaigns in 2014, Narendra Modi quoted "Neither has anyone sent me here nor I have come here on my own, I have been called by Maa Ganga". On the other hand, after the 5 years of the government campaign, Ganga activists ask Prime Minister of the country "Kya Hua Tera Vaada?"

    India Wants To Use Flesh Eating Turtles To Rid The Ganges Of Decomposing Bodies (HBO)

    India's Ganges river is the main source of water for half a billion people. It's also holy to the country's almost 1 billion Hindus, who bathe in the river to be cleansed of their sins and believe that if a body is cremated and released into the water at Varanasi it can escape the cycle of reincarnation.

    BONUS - Condition of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's adopted village - Jayapur EXPOSED by BBC Hindi and Dhruv Rathee:

    Reality of Modi's Model Village | Ground Report by Dhruv Rathee (Jayapur, Varanasi)

    In the course of the most recent five years, it creates the impression that the alleged Nehruvian biological system (a term utilized by writer Minhaz Merchant for the left-liberal scheme of legislators, educated people, and common society activists) depleted BJP's vitality in trifling issues like Kanhaiya Kumar and JNU tumult, bigotry, "award vapsi" and the concealment of contradiction. All things considered, the Modi government flopped in connecting the field of economy, outside strategy, innovation and framework to the normal man of India. 

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