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    Friday, February 5, 2021

    Farmer Protests LIVE: 194 Farmers martyred, Deepender Hooda hands the list of deceased in Rajya Sabha

    Key Highlights:

    • Full blown battle fought during R-Day Tractor Parade on the streets of the national Capital of New Delhi.  
    • Only after the official Republic Day parade at Rajpath had Delhi Police given permission for rallying on separate routes. 
    • Earlier this morning, farmers broke the border barricades in which they camped for more than two months. 
    • Great jam at Tikri Frontier, lathicharge in Singhu, Ghazipur border 
    • Farmers detach from the road and go to Delhi Central 
    • Tear gas, ITO lathical tons, barricades destroyed by fishermen, vandal buses 
    • Rally coincides with the day of the Republic and two months' demonstration against the three newly passed agricultural laws by farmers on the frontier of the national capital

    The two-month demonstration by farmer's unions, which camped at the gates of Delhi to demand the attempts to repeal of new agricultural rules, came into turmoil on the Day of the Republic, when hundreds of protesters broke away from a proposed tractor rally in the suburbs of the capital. 

    As many as 194 farmers died during the dissent: Deepender Hooda

    During the Budget Session on Thursday, Congress Pioneer Deepender Singh Hooda said that the farmers' dissent entered into the 76th today and their dissidence took place even after 11 rounds of discussions with the Hindu nationalist government headed by Narendra Modi. In addition, during his speech he gave a review of farmers who died during the upheaval of the unjust laws and shortcomings of the administration.
    Delhi violence | 'Despite govt's power...': Shiv Sena on farmer rally chaos

    Netizens raises question mark over farm talks

    Singhu's border heightened security 

    Security has been heightened on the Singhu border, where farmers are protesting against the Farm Rules. The tractor overthrew one protestor and killed hundreds, at least 150 police officers, while the crowds used brutality and brutality as they marched their way through Rajpath on a procession on Republic Day.


    Violence is not the solution to any problem: Rahul Gandhi

    Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has tweeted that violence is not the solution to any problem. If anyone gets hurt, the damage will happen to our country. He has again appealed to the government to withdraw the anti-agricultural laws for the benefit of the country.

    Home Ministry's big decision after violence

    After the violence, the Ministry of Home Affairs has taken a big decision. 10 CRPF companies will be deployed. A total of 15 companies of paramilitary forces will be deployed. Instructions have been given to deal with the nuisances with full force. The ITO is still occupied by miscreants. The Delhi Police Commissioner has given these orders.

    Tractor parade of farmers in Aligarh

    The tractor parade of farmers in Aligarh was taken out on the new highway bypass under the strict supervision of the police. Two dozen leaders were detained at the Gandhi Park station. Here, a strict blockade has stopped the farmers going to Delhi in Tappa after being cordoned off on the Yamuna Expressway.

    Farmers returning to UP Gate

    The farmers started returning after 3:00 pm at the UP gate which continues till now. A large number of farmers have gathered at the UP gate, there is peace among them. There is a crowd of food and drinkers on the lugs. In a mutual conversation, the farmers expressed regret over the violence in Delhi. Farmers from the surrounding districts are slowly leaving for their homes.
    Orders to deal with nuisances strictly

    Delhi Police Commissioner SN Srivastava has ordered strict handling of the miscreants. Fifteen hundred paramilitary forces are being taken out on the streets. Farmers are still in trouble at ITO, Nangloi and Singhu border in Delhi.


    Farmers stopped at Noida Expressway Khandauli Toll Plaza

    Hundreds of farmers going to Delhi were stopped by heavy police force at Noida Expressway Khandauli Toll Plaza. On this, farmer leaders Chaudhary Ramveer Singh and Saurabh Chaudhary said that we are going to Delhi. Police said that no peasant party is allowed from here.

    Farmers took out tractor march in Lakhimpurkheri too

    Farmers led by Samajwadi Party organized a tractor rally in Mitoli area of ​​Lakhimpurkheri. Police tried to stop the protesters at many places but the rally did not stop. While the police stopped the tactical march of former SP MLA Sunil Lala, the SP workers marched on foot.
    Farmers rally in Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh

    Farmers of Paonta Sahib area of Sirmaur district of Himachal Pradesh also took out a tractor rally on Tuesday on Republic Day. Hundreds of farmers, school children, ex-servicemen, women and public representatives also participated in the rally on the call of Fight for Farmers' Right Committee.

    Jhajjar: Farmers returning in the midst of a peaceful atmosphere.

    The farmers who had gone to participate in the tractor parade in Delhi have started returning with the tractor trolley. Farmers in the area are returning from the border after joining the parade. Tractors' convoys are being removed from the bypass itself and are not allowed inside the city. 


    2:15 PM:

    Farmers hoist 'Nishaan Sahib' at Red fort


    1:50 PM: 

    Farmers have now reached the Red Fort


    1:30 PM:

    After the latter in the national capital ITO reached and tried to drive into Delhi Lutyen's, a clash broke out between the police and protesting farmers that forced the forces to use lathi charge and tear gas shells against those. The demonstrators chased the police with sticks, swords and stones. The police have used the thickets to scatter the crowd, and fired tear gas shells.


    1:15 PM:


    20 January 2021: 

    The farmers, on seeing the Hindu Nationalist Government stance over a strong refusal of repealing farm law, have increased their resentment and now the chances of conflicts have also been increasing. Deep into the continuing demonstrations, the Naujawan Bharat Farmers Organization is expected to launch induction as from 13 January to take onboard 4,000 volunteers for the tractor rally scheduled for 26 January with an objective of preserving law and order. The farmers have already made it abundantly clear that they are going to lift the security barrier in their way for the tractor rally on R-Day. This announcement of farmers is increasing the problem for the government.

    Thousands of farmers have been resisting and demonstrating against the three contentious agricultural regulations for more than two months on the outskirts of the capital of India. In November 2020, water cannons were used as they reached the frontier of the capital and the Haryana state police perhaps fired some lactation gas shells on the agitator. 

    Likewise, the founder of this blog EveryCornerAStory.com, Puneet Bawa, has been concerned of New Delhi’s situation and blamed the apathy & ignorance of the Modi Govt that has led over 60 farmers to lose their lives. Moreover, he depicted the contention as a Human Rights violation with armed forces working on the order of Hindu Nationalist Government led by Narendra Modi to strike protesters with tear-gas, underlying Modi’s aim to promote economic interests of its imperialist colleagues.

    Lately, the eighth round of talks between the Centre and the farmer unions on January 7 appeared heading nowhere as the Centre ruled out repealing the controversial laws while the farmer leaders said they are ready to fight till death and their 'ghar waapsi' will happen only after 'law waapsi'. On the 26th January, when the tanks will go down on Rajpath, a farmer's leader Rakesh Tikait said that farmers protesting on the Delhi borders will attempt their own Republic Day "with their tractors to go" into the national capital alongside the tanks of an army. 

    Likewise another leader, Gurnam Singh Chadhuni, President, Bakiu, Haryana stated that “the farmers are going to arrive from Punjab, Haryana, UP, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and elsewhere. Regardless of how much the government troops, the farmer would not hesitate. Anything can pass through the barricades, and the farmers cannot avoid every rung, bullet or any other attempt”

    Seeing the uprising, the paramilitary force has been asked by Hindu Nationalist Government to be stationed 24 hours a day at the respective borders around the capital, where the protests have been going on.  Since farmers have declared their participation in the Republic Day Parade, protection and security is seemingly being tightened with assurance of nobody trying to get out of there. 

    On the other hand, the Supreme Court was asked by the Center to prevent the planned farmer's march or some other kind of demonstration aimed at disturbing Republic Day gatherings and celebrations on 26 January. Earlier that day, the Supreme Court pulled up the Center and proclaimed its handling to be 'highly disillusioned' with the course of the negotiations, and formed a committee chaired by the former Chief Justice of India to tackle the impasse. The supreme Court refused to grant the Center more time to seek options in a friendly settlement arguing that it had already given the government "long rope" to the degree to which the implementation of the controversial law was in place.

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