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    Sunday, June 17, 2018

    ECAS India : Writer's Edition of Living 'A Better Life'

    Passion is the energy that keeps us going, that keeps us filled with meaning, happiness, and excitement about the ups and downs in the life. Ultimately, passion is driving force between success and happiness that allows us to live a better life.

    1. Love Yourself

    Many things can contribute to our dreams, many of us never live to our potential or don't approve of ourselves because we never had anyone to believe in us. Remember one thing how much life gets hard, beauty is when you appreciate yourself, but when you love yourself then you are more beautiful. It is very important to be positive as the beauty comes inside out. So start loving yourself in order to be loved by the world. 

    2. Do Good

    Make a list of the things you have done, that you feel bad about, that you feel good about, everything that goes around your life. There may be a time where you weren't a good friend, or a good brother, or a good father or a good sister or a good mother or you didn't do a good job, or you lied or you were dishonest, you will certainly find a new god in yourself. So always try to do good and always feel regret for the bad things done in a life, so that you will see life cleaning this all. So Do Good as they say "your environment is the reflection of your consciousness" 

    3. Always Forgive

    "If there is no enemy within, then the enemy outside can do us no harm." It definitely affects us, it applies to our lives in so many different ways, sometimes we don't know, we just read the bedtime stories, God knows everything and will always do good but the motto of our freedom should be to swing our fist so that you can forgive anyone even he/she repeats on the mistakes. So let's start with some practical experiments with the life and others will get on with yours. 

    4. Harm No One

    There are different kinds of people living on this peaceful planet, some would praise you, some would bully you, some would try to discourage you every time, on the route of success in life. We should always think insults are not very effective. Once Mahatma Gandhi said, " If someone slaps you on one side of your face, turn the other one to him." So try not to harm anyone not only the people but animals too. 

    5. Be Positive

    "If we could change our thinking, we can change our lives". We think regularly but if we think negatively, the life is going to go on a downward spiral. If you think positively, you can attract many wonderful things to you and your life. Now I have realized that- 

    It only boils down to choosing the thoughts you think and choosing the way you behave and when you can be wise in both areas you have a perfect life ahead.

    It's very hard for the life to bring you goodies, so it doesn't matter what happens in your life, you are more than any moment. First thing in the morning and the last things in the evening, I want everyone in the world to look into their eyes and say 'I LOVE YOU'. 

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