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    Friday, June 22, 2018

    ECAS Politics : Canada becomes second country to 'Legalize Marijuana Use'

    Cannabis is one of the most interesting plants to have ever existed on the earth. All through the history, it has been known for its multiple uses but nowadays typically people and vendors associate it with one specific use 'Recreational Drug'.

    The science behind the plant Marijuana is quite extraordinary and let's shed some light on this interesting plant Marijuana. The plant is supposed to be found in the archaeological record around 37 million years ago ranging from Middle East 'Kajaksthan' to Asian 'Eastern Himalayas'. The active ingredient is called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which binds to protein-specific receptors in the brain to produce a number of results that can be the mild sedative effect, thus lowering the body's inhibitions.

    As the last night, the Cannabis Act completed its legislative journey in Canada making it The First Country amongst G7 Nations to legalize 'Recreational Marijuana'. The bill passed both the chamber of Canadian Parliament, thus fulfilling the progressive policy promise by the Government of Canada to legalize and strictly regulate cannabis. The strict regulation restricts the use of cannabis other than for the medical purposes. The Government of Canada asked the people to follow the old law of Cannabis, as there are certain amendments that require the change and has assured the citizen of Canada, of passing the new law as soon as possible.

    The past study has found that:

    The people who smoked marijuana on a daily basis or for a long period of time- five years or more had poorer verbal memory in middle age than the people who didn't smoke, or who smoked less.

    Marijuana works by affecting the brain with different effects on different people. Marijuana can increase your pulse, lower your blood pressure and increase your appetite. It can also interfere with short-term memory loss, lower your reaction time which can make you unsteady on the feet, and also many other things that can be a real-time danger for the health and daily lifestyle.

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