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    Thursday, June 7, 2018

    ECAS Politics : The Reality of Modi Government

    India is the most ancient civilization of the world and has always been looked upon by the world as a land of wealth and wisdom. There were certain public declarations of policy and aims, issued before the election of 2014, but what actually the reality is?

    Petrol and Diesel Price Hike

    Petrol in the National Capital now costs the highest since September 2013 making it 55 months high. While the government is hoping that geopolitical tension would ease and US shale oil would help ease oil prices, it is not in favor of tinkering with the autonomy given to oil PSUs to revise rates daily in line with the cost.

    Government Spreading Lies on Internet

    When one of the famous Political YouTube Channel, Dhruv Rathee exposed BJP IT cell and the various pages linked to the cell that deals in spreading the fake news all over the globe for spreading fears and rumors around the public for Vote Bank Politics.

    Four Years of Reality of Modi Government | Every Corner A Story | ECAS India

    BJP Government has ruling since 2014 but still the reality deprives. Modi Government has lost the touch with the reality. It is now the illusion, the reality check. DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE AND ALSO HIT THE BELL ICON. THANKS #FirstVideo Read more about the political scenarios with the links provided below.

    Jhoomlas to the farmers 

    Before the elections, Prime Minister promised farmers of providing 50% of profit on the costs used to buy the seeds and for the crops. But that proved to be Jhoomla, which certainly is still an illusion for the farmers and the people of the country.

    Employment Crisis

    In an interview to Hindi Media Channel ZEE News, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a mockery of the employment by comparing the 'Graduate Degree Holders' to the 'Pokarawala', which according to him is also a form of employment. The job lost count is increasing day by day and the government is still unaware after the radical step of demonetization.

    The Dirty Ganga

    Seriously telling there's no extent to it. Pollution from every side is killing the Ganges day by day. The most responsible of which is the waste originating from the factories (especially the chemicals) and the people here in India believe that we should not throw away the God-related things vaguely into the dustbin.

    Before the elections in 2014, Prime Minister quoted:

    Na Mujhe Kisi ne Bheja hai, Na Main Yahan Aya hun, Mujhe toh MAA GANGA ne bulaya hai

    20000 Crore rupees were given for Namami Ganga project in 2014 which aimed at reviving Ganga in 5 years, but only 7.65% is spent on the project. 
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