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    Sunday, June 24, 2018

    #StopLittering : Dear Future Generation, Just one world 'SORRY'

    Watch the news every night, no matter what channel or what broadcaster, you will hear of the useless stories about crime, celebrities, war, and the list goes on and on. These topic are entertaining but are the real-time distractions from the real issues.

    Global Laziness and Ignorance has led us to extreme amounts of garbage and waste that have been improperly discarded to sit and destroy the surrounding environments. This is not the matter of present and future but since the medieval time, the humans have total disregard for other actions which indirectly affect the environment dumping about fecal waste and other waste out the window onto the street, into the rivers.
    The major problem as of now has been dumping the waste or plastic in the public place, which often is called the Littering

    The sources contaminated where the people lived and where they got their water, spreading sickness and bacteria across the huge spans of land. Romans were the first ones to work for solving this problem by building the modern sewerage system but even though today, this problem is solved, human still found a way to destroy their environment.  

    By 2025 it has been estimated that the plstic output would double which is about 100 bags of plastic per foot 

    Obviously, litter has hugely negative consequences not only for the humans but also making it dangerous for the animals. Dumping of paper, plastic and paint cans into the flowing river could contaminate it for the plants and animals in the area or to the humans who drink it or exposed it anyhow. The study on the disaster of plastic has been to fix the pollution levels spreading into the oceans, showing us that we need to stop being so ignorant towards our environment and take responsibility.

    If we don't clean up our act, more animals or plant or humans could die unjustly and prematurely due to the waste we expose them to. Following this trend marine life will crumble as we know it and the same can be expected for terrestrial life as well and this includes us.

    Next time when you through any kind of plastic bottle or candy wrapper out of your window, think about your action.  

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