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    Friday, June 29, 2018

    The Dark Day #StopIslamophobia : Supreme Court uphold Trump's Travel Ban

    President Donald Trump's Travel Ban is going into effect this Summer. Federal Courts had previously put two different versions of the ban on hold, to resolve the question about its constitutionality. The Supreme Court, now have ruled the ban can stay on, upholding Donald Trump's Travel Ban decision. While the world witness this as Discrimination Against Religion, the tourist from six majority Muslim countries has been banned entering the United States of America for at least 90 days and all the refugees for at least 120 days unless they already have a visa or have a bonafide relationship with a person or organization in America.

    Trump called Supreme Court's decision a clear victory for National Security for the Protection of Nation from the foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States. The list of banned nations includes Libya, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and Iran. The fact around the travel ban further reveals that

    Nobody in the US has been killed in a terrorist attack by immigrants, from these particularly banned six nations in the past 40 years.

    On the other hand, the dozens of protesters were seen chanting "No Ban, No World", gathering outside the US Supreme Court to condemn the decision to uphold the President's Ban. The 5-4 ruling ended a fierce fight into the court over the policy amounted to an unlawful Muslim Ban. Known from the Media Sources, the demonstrators will continue their fight against the measure, claiming that "No Courts in the world had defined their parameters of humanity, they will continue to resist, they will continue to fight and also have asked the American People and the allies to help them in overturning the legality of these decisions."

    Islamophobia is the extreme fear and hatred towards Islam and Muslims. Stop Islamophobia, Stop Misuse of the Social Media, effecting into the Discrimination, Harassment, and Violations of Innocents. Not only Islam but every religion in this world promotes Peace, Mercy, and Modesty, not Violence or Extremism. 

    Muslims are not the Terrorists as the Terrorism has No Religion

    We all have biases. Some are racial, some are religious, and some have to deal with the other things, like our favorite political parties or our favorite sports. Imagine having to hide your identity to be safe. Every time there's the United States versus Muslim, where Muslims are bad and they paint these broad brush against some certain groups of people, thus Making the World lose despite the presence of UN's Human Rights.

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