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    Wednesday, July 11, 2018

    Mumbai Rain Havoc : Unsustainable Ancient Drainage System Webbing the City

    Mumbai is an island city and most of the areas around Dadar, Sion and Mahim are low lyings. The reclaimed areas are at a higher level, causing the water flows down to these low lying areas in the event of heavy rains and high tides. The draining system is an issue for the flooding of the roads in both the areas. It goes down for only one or two days a year due to heavy rains. Mumbai's drainage system has not been designed to sustain such heavy rains. Mumbai still sustains the British-era Drains which no way, could keep pace with increasing population and changing demography.

    The way, the authorities reacted to the knowledge of the fact that the drainage system of Mumbai, was not qualified to face the incoming rain showers has been really annoying. Had they executed their duties sincerely, a situation affecting the general public and private assets would not have ever happened. Not only the authorities but also the general public is to accept the blame. People have grown more ignorant and stubborn and just do not accept the fact that the waste is not supposed to be thrown into the drains, which subsequently choke the drains, retarding the already minimal capacity of the Unsustainable Ancient Drains. According to the Civil Officials: 

    The reported carrying capacity of the existing British-Era Drains is 25 mm per hour. Ideal capacity of the drains should have been 75 mm. Thus, the existing drain system does not help much on the course of heavy rainfall in or around the city. 

    It’s up to the authorities and the inhabitants of a locality to decide whether they want to create such a rain havoc or whether they want to live in an area which they can care for like their own. If the people decide to make their surroundings neat and clean, not only during election campaigns, or when state elections seem around the corner, but for the longer terms, only then people can one have the right to even fight for one's rights. Well, we always want our RIGHTS right? Does anyone seem to be worried about their DUTIES? NOW IT'S HIGH TIME WE DO.

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