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    Tuesday, July 10, 2018

    ECAS Agenda: Shiv Sena to Go All Alone for Survival in General Elections 2019 - Explained

    BJP has been trying to marginalize Shivsena and eliminate them altogether from the state of Maharashtra. This might seem impossible move for BJP being a national party claiming to have power simultaneously at both the center and states levels, but cannot really support the aspirations of the 'Maratha Manus'BJP was non-existent in Maharashtra, 45 years back winning less than 20 seats. It was with the Shivsena alliance that BJP could get some power and meaningful hold in Maharashtra.

    BJP has been the strongest political party in the Vidarbha Region of the State, whereas Shivsena is seen strong in the cities of Mumbai, Konkan and Marathwada Region. Whether Shivsena can get back enough seats to be in power with any other party is irrelevant for the upcoming Assembly and General Elections 2019. The survival is the foremost priority of the party now so to exist in the politics. Moreover, neither they can afford to have prepoll alliance with BJP nor with Congress or NCP. What happens if they form a pre-poll alliance? 

    In case they form a pre-poll alliance with Congress, the major party Shivsena will definitely face extinction from the State of Maharashtra and if they ally with BJP, then the so-called BJP partners are too bent upon creating the Regional Party Mukt Bharat, doubling the trouble for Regional Part ShivSena in Maharashtra. Shivsena will have to go all alone if they wanna survive. In case of BJP alliance, the Regional Party must seek for at least 32 seats in the parliamentary constituency for upcoming General Elections 2019. On the other hand, BJP would have no option but to concede to such demand otherwise, BJP is unlikely to get not even 15 seats if they go all alone. 

    Shiv Sena will definitely not ally with Congress in the near future, particularly not for General Elections 2019. On the other hand, they might enter into some secret understanding with Congress, which they might find it embarrassing to seek votes for the alliance where Secular Parties are part of the Coalition. The explanation may or may not be acceptable for the supporters of the Regional Party. Also, there is no guarantee that they will accept the alliance with Congress. 

    The grassroots workers are well conversant with such alliance and also adjusted to the same. Thus making it ideal to go ahead with BJP. Alternatively, the only choice is going solo, which would be the better step ahead for the survival and the strong hand in the next Assembly Elections 
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