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    Monday, July 16, 2018

    Madhya Pradesh Elections 2018 : Congress Predicted to Wrest Back Power after 15 years

    BHOPAL, MADHYA PRADESH: Congress is predicted to win  Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections in 2018 because of the failure of BJP in the area of Credence, Farmers, Education, Employment Opportunities and Leading Candidates.  Jyotiraditya Scindia to be the main hero, according to the survey IBC24 which claims him 37% of popularity for CM's face which is 6% more than the popularity of current Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and old BJP leader, Shivraj Singh Chauhan. 
    A. Credence Totally Negative on BJP's side
    1. The case of the Shivraj Singh involvement in the biggest scam of Madhya Pradesh 'The Vyapam Scam'
    2. BJP failed to fulfil the demands of the people based upon the manifesto of 2013 Assembly Elections. 
    3. Central Government at Delhi is ruled by BJP. As per present circumstances, everyone is doubtful about the win of BJP government in General Elections 2019. It is a belief. Congress had made all efforts to people believe that it can win the Central elections. 
    4. Apart from the manifesto, a lot of water flowed in Narnada i.e people have come with new demands and aspirations. Burning question is how far BJP have fulfilled
    5. Jyotiraditya Scindia to be the CM candidate nominee as far as the selection is concerned.
    B. Farmers. Totally Negative on BJP's side
    In this country, even potable water producing company has the liberty to fix the rate of its product. But the farmer cannot fix the rate and others who do not aware of agriculture fix the rates. Has BJP worked mechanism on this issue? Yes, Congress assure the rural sector that they can fix the rate and Congress will guarantee sales of agricultural products. It means rural sector has decided who is eviler. 
    C. Education Totally Negative on BJP's side
    D. Employment opportunities.  Totally Negative on BJP's side
    BJP may have no answers on this issue.
    There are several issues but who makes fewer mistakes will win. They say everything is fair in love and war. BJP takes elections as war. War is meant for destruction and elections are meant for construction.
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