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    Saturday, July 14, 2018

    Story Part 2: History Behind the Annually Conducted Jagannath Rath Yatra


    After some months, came the monsoon in which the mustard seeds rose to the mustard plants. By this time, King Indradyumna came to retrieve the idol, accompanied by his army. The tribal king pleaded Indradyumna not to take the idol. Seeing the love for their God, Vidyapati too pleaded the king for which the King Indradyumna paid no heed to her request and rushed to the cave to collect the idol. To his surprise, the idol had vanished. Indradyumna realized his fault and asked for forgiveness.

    Indradyumna was severely moved by this incident. He always kept pleading to Lord to forgive him. One night, he saw a dream. In the dream, Lord Krishna ordered him to return to the sea-beach of Puri and search for a wooden log which would bear the mark of Lord Vishnu. Lord Krishna asked Indradyumna to carve out an idol from that wooden log. Indradyumna searched for the log on the beach. 

    He found the log with the mark. This mark was known as "Daru Brahma" which literally means "the Lord in the Wood". After the idol of Nila Madhava (Lord Krishna's heart) vanished, it turned into a wooden log. The mark was the heart of Lord Krishna itself. After retrieving the log, the King Indradyumna searched for an able sculptor who could sculpt the idol of Lord Vishnu. He was unable to find a single sculptor who could even scratch the wood. After someday, an old man came to Indradyumna. 

    He said that he could carve out idol from the woods. However, he had a condition. He would sculpt the idols in a locked room and nobody should disturb him. The king agreed to this. The sculptor started his work. The wife of the king, queen Gundicha would listen to the work of the sculptor by putting her ear on the door daily. 

    (To be Continued...)

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