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    Tuesday, July 3, 2018

    Mexico Elections 2018 : Landslide Victory for Leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

    In the time of bridled violence and corruption, the people of Mexico have voted for a change. The people of Mexico wanted to be able to live and work in their country without being killed off any violence. For the first time, Mexicans have chosen a left-wing populist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to lead them representing internal security, social change and above all 'The Honesty'. 

    For many of the 89 million eligible Mexican voters, Sunday's election was a referendum on the country's political elite and its economic direction, as well as the tenure of President Enrique Peña Nieto, who was limited to a single six-year term. On being the Mexican President-Elect, AMLO quoted:

    I will never let the people of Mexico down, I will not disappoint the people of Mexico and I am conscious of my historic responsibility. Futhermore, I don't want to go down in history as the bad President of the country

    President-Elect claims that he will begin his office by eradicating corruption which has been the major cause of violence and protests all around Mexico from past many years. Moreover, he has promised the country of radical transformation by paying for the ambitious social programs and subsidies for the poorest with an estimated $25 Billion Dollars. The promises were given before the elections of which he would even sell the Presidental Plane and would turn the Palace into the Public Park.

    President of United States of America, Donald Trump congratulated Obrador on the historic victory in the country of Mexico from his Twitter Handle:

    He would be effective in representing the change which the country desperately needs by joining the forces on the basis of honesty, the real fight against corruption and the judicial system. Businessmen are worried by the Lopez Obrador's Economic Agenda. If we take account, Mexico has the willpower to become one of the wealthy countries in the world as they have willpower, oil, a good climate for the agriculture and almost all kinds of the natural resources

    More of the important one is that they share the border with the United States of America. As all of us are aware of NAFTA which is a trade agreement between Mexico, US, and Canada, where 80% of the exports go to America. Despite all this, Mexico is still a medium income economy, with low wages and with the much lower quality of the life than its Nothern Neighbours.

    On the other hand, AMLO is the referred as Donald Trump of Mexico but on the left. A very populist man who thinks that only him can fix the problems of the country. But still, it is a wait and watch like situation for the people of Mexico and the World.

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