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    Friday, July 20, 2018

    No Confidence Motion Live :After Fiery Speech, Rahul Gandhi hugs Narendra Modi and then Winks

    NEW DELHI, INDIA: During the No Confidence Motion Live today in Lok Sabha when Rahul Gandhi spoke in favor of the motion, he sensed good with the Fiery Speech and raised several important issues of which including GST, Women Safety, Corruption and many others. The headlines made at the end when he was done with the speech he went to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and gave him a hug and then winked.

    If someone throws a stone at you, throw a flower at them. But remember to throw the flower pot with it.

    This may have been the Dridharashthra's hug of Bhima. If you're unaware of that instance in Mahabharath let me tell you. When Dhritarashtra called upon Bhima to hug him, Lord Krishna asked him not to go and immediately created a statue like Bhima. Dhritarashtra, being blind, hug the statue in the belief that it was Bhima, and the statue crumbled into pieces. This was the original intention of him hugging Bhima.

    When the speech started, Rahul Gandhi covered many essential points related to failures of the central government ( though half were baseless, some points did make a good impression)
    • He spoke about women empowerment, the issues they face in India. The fact that India was ranked number 1 in case of sexual violence against women.
    • He made a good point on an attempt to change the constitution by BJP.
    • He talked about mob Lynching, pathetic Gau Rakshaks.
    • He even talked about the secret Rafale deal, and how it was corrupted.
    • He spoke who is a true Hindu.
    • He spoke on who is a true Congressman.

    On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi’s gesture of hugging Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his speech is not any favor that he is doing for Modi or BJP. It is scripted and following it verbatim. Rahul Gandhi wanted to do something which will be identifying his personality and get him some favorable public opinion. Also, such acts attain the wide publicity.

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