The Braves S01E01 : The need for Modernization of Weapons in India

The need for modernization of weapons in India has increased considering international tensions across the borders. The Defence Budget is not only for the Army Personnel. The entire budget of the military is also not utilized for maintaining the military. As explained by General of Indian Army, around 35% of the budget goes into the nation building by developing infrastructure on the border by developing roads which are being taken up to the border, habitats are built in these areas and also Indian Army has been connecting the people in these areas to Mainland India. 

The focus of international community has shifted to India and China, for which the West is referring it to as Indo-Pacific region. As China has risen, countries in the Asia-Pacific region has started looking up to India to see if Indian could balance the rise of China. On the other hand, Pakistan is just ensuring that they do not raise the threshold, due to which Pakistan has forced itself to violate ceasefire. Not only the soldiers are facing this brunt, but the people living across the borders have been suffering more damage in past many years. This is the major reason for which India now demands of the need for the Modernization of Weapons.

The threats to India’s national security are both traditional and non-traditional, effective defence preparedness is the key to secure its national interests, which would depend on the ability to produce and procure advanced sophisticated weapons and high-tech technological devices in order to ensure that the services of the armed forces and their requirements are fulfilled, which would enhance India’s war capabilities, naturally augmenting its military power. No military in the world would go out and fight the war with old machinery. General of Indian Army has been continuously demanding the modernization of weapons in India. 

The major problem with this need of modernization of weapons in India is the decision-making process of the Government. The decision making on national security and strategic matters have been however projected to be slow and complex. India’s aspirations of becoming self-reliant in indigenous Defence Production and also acquiring advanced weapons system faster would, however, depend on the effectiveness of the decision-making at the apex-level while taking into consideration of India’s national security interests. Some observers have questioned the efficacy of the established process of decision-making in defense acquisition or during times of crises.

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