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    Tuesday, July 17, 2018

    Trump-Putin Summit: The Issues that should have been under the Discussion

    HELSINKI, FINLAND: There has been the long history regarding this Finnish town Helsinki, which is now referred to as the best and the most predictable place to have an Unpredictable Summit. This Summit comes around Unpredictable scenario whereas American officials call it as meeting, not the Summit. The following are the issues that may involve during this Summit

    The fact of the meeting happening is seen by both leaders as the wind. President Putin wants nothing more than to be on the stage in the city of Helsinki, which is so identified with superpower summits of the cold war and is as the co-equal to the United States of America. On the other hand, Donald Trump values this relation with Vladimir Putin on different issues.

    Arms Race: Russia President announced the new generation of weapons in March introducing the modern arsenal including rockets, lasers, nukes which are only pretended to balance the global power. The arms produced by Russia are faster, stronger and deadlier than they ever have been. Perhaps, this time call for the balance of the force and fair treatment for all would be heard.

    Election Meddling: Trump is also expected to raise the issue of election meddling at the Summit.No concrete evidence has been presented so far. Right now all the theories are built on the fact that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was the preferred target of the hackers, and that the timing of the leaks enabled Trump to regain lost political ground. US intelligence officials from ‘multiple agencies’ have found connections between the Kremlin and Wikileaks. 

    NATO in Eastern Europe: Russia has been a major player in European affairs sometimes even holding it at ransom and controlling east Europe is priority number one. Nato is seeking the disintegration of Russian Federation which would remove the Russian threat once and for all. That would give Europeans the much-needed space as well and capacity to grow, they need the land as it is their's too, it is for humans to live in it

    Ukraine: Wherever there’s fighting, there’s money being made. The Ukrainian high-ups make money by pilfering supplies, spare parts, night vision equipment, and ammo, and selling on the black market. The front-line UAF soldiers make money by stealing from the civilians on the front line. On the other hand, Pro-Russian forces are facing the same threats — either the sudden attack, with the emphasis on control of a Russian border, or the gradual escalation (probably starting around Debaltseve as it’s the single most important logistic spot in the whole area)

    Syria:  With Russia saying that they will shoot down any missiles shot at Syria and Trump telling Russia to "Get ready"on the morning of April 11, 2018. The conflict in Syria, which has been going on for some years now, is all about energy pipelines, and has a lot to do with the largest natural gas field in the world, located between Qatar and Iran.

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