The Maturity: The Art of Living is the Art of Living With

Maturity is to consider the needs of others, and how what we say and do affects them—and to authentically give a damn about how we make them feel. The maturity is to improve the personality and take it to the next level. Able to reach the maturity level has been one of the key successes in my life, thus defining The Maturity as The Art of Living is the Art of Living With. 

How does one define Maturity? We often tell adults to grow up, be mature and don't be childish. Hence, the literal definition of maturity is how you act like an adult, but doesn't adult behavior vary widely as we call some adults immature too. So I started talking to the different people from the different working background, in order to find the actual meaning of maturity. Then I concluded to the point that The Maturity is The Art of Living is the Art of Living With

The paradox of life defines how often you have been told don't lose the child in you, but when it actually comes to emotional maturity, then we are often reminded to act like adults. So being mature in thought and actions is must for claiming your inbuilt maturity or the Emotional Maturity as The Art of Living is the Art of Living With. Maturity is often when we respond to others despite in the condition where we are coping to the emotional disturbances in the life. 

Though, it is necessary to understand our ability to manage our emotions, to create a life filled with enormous joy and the happiness. On the other hand, the Maturity isn't changing yourself but actually, it is when you stop trying to the change the people and instead focus on changing yourself. Now the question arises, how is this possible? how much the tough life it would be, you need to accept the people for who they are and understand that everyone is right in their own perspectives and focus on positives in the people and appreciate the goodness in them.  

Why I call it the Art of Living? Similar to the ideas of Shri Shri, I believe that The Maturity is in trying to live with the peace by dropping the expectations from relationships and give for the sake of giving. Also, I am reminded of the fact that we Indians easily take the things or ourselves seriously. So my request to the people is to not to take the things or yourself too seriously to be able to enjoy the good laugh with others, even when you are the butt of the joke. Thus, giving The Maturity a new meaning 'The Art of Living is the Art of Living With'

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