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    Thursday, August 9, 2018

    ECAS Politics : Canada's Blatant Interference in the Kingdom's Domestic Affairs

    CHANDIGARH, INDIA: Saudi Arabia has announced that it is freezing all the new trade and investments with the country of Canada. The tension between the two nations rose when the Canadian ambassador was being expelled by the Saudi Arabia Kingdom. This has been believed to be Canada's blatant interference in the Kingdom's Domestic Affairs. 

    The rift centres around the human rights and the comments made online in the recent days when Canada's voice concerned both through the Foreign Affairs Minister and the Government's Twitter account, which called the arrests of civil and women's rights activist in Saudi Arabia and then specifically asked for the immediate release of  Samar Badawi to a civil rights activists with a Canadian connection.

    On the other hand, Saudi Arabia was quick to fire back in a thread of statements which called the comments of Canada's Government reprehensible and unacceptable. The tweet also called Ottawa's position - An Attack on the Kingdom, while the United Arab Emirates has announced standing with Saudi Arabia.  Canada too is getting support when the Amnesty International released the statement that

    The international community must push Saudi Arabian authorities to end this draconian crackdown and targetted repression of human rights defenders in the country.

    States with immediate influence in Saudi Arabia- USA, UK, and France- have now remained silent for long. Saudi State has already suspended all the educational exchange programs with Canada and has also moved Saudi scholarship recipients to other countries. After the statement raised, the United States Department has now urged Saudi Arabia and Canada to resolve the feud between them, which interrupted due to Canada's Blatant Interference in the Kingdom's Domestic Affairs. 
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