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    Sunday, August 12, 2018

    ECAS Agenda: NASA launches Daring Mission to 'Touch the Sun' #ParkerSolarProbe

    NEW DELHI, INDIA: NASA is about to go where no one has gone before, with a daring mission to shed the light on the mysteries of our closest Star, The Sun. NASA is flying $1.5 billion spacecraft into the hottest, and the most violent object in our solar system, all in the name of the science. NASA's unmaned Parker Solar Probe will come within 3.83 million miles of the solar surface. That may not sound closer, but perhaps it will be the first spacecraft to reach the boundray line of 7 times closer than any spacecraft has gone before. 

    The data collected by the Parker Solar Probe will provide an unprecedented picture of the Sun. Let's make this blog post knowledgeable, concering the use of instruments that could bear our most violent closest star, The Sun. The easiest instrument used to study the highest energy particles coming the Sun are the pieces of atom that are moving up to half the speed of the light, which are highly important for the unprecedented picture or theory of the Sun.

    How is a spacecraft not going to burn reaching such closer to the Sun? Keeping in the mind, NASA had made a wonderful heat shield that keeps on orienting between them and the Sun, keeping everything in the main body of the spacecraft, just like the shadow. It also has a white coating on it which was specially designed for Parker Solar Probe.

    The scientists at NASA are going to do the basic science which would be able to get them to the point where they could do the models that would be an eventual goal for the prediction of the space weather. On Earth terrestrial weather, they are doing much better now on prediction due to the presence of much complicated atmospeheric model. On the other hand, NASA wanted to do some of the basic science on how the winds affects the winds and other altitudes, how the hurricanes move? 

    There are so much fascinating things about this mission, but one thing that's intersting is the unusual orbit that Parker's going to take once it launches as just after six weeks from the launch, the scientiests at NASA are going to encounter the planet Venus for the first time. You may not but I am really excited about this Parker Solar Probe Mission as it has taken 60 years for the world to get through the technological advances that would perhaps get the scientists ready to launch the daring mission to touch the sun.

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