Decoding Congress strategy behind the return of Sonia Gandhi as 'Interim President'

New Delhi, India: Congress party in India is confronting the greatest emergency yet there appears to be some strategy behind the return of Sonia Gandhi as Interim President of Indian National Congress. This move just comes after monstrous dropping of the party in Lok Sabha Elections 2019, when Rahul Gandhi chose to resign as President from the party. Now this move is appearing to be basically a no making tracks in an opposite direction from Dynastic Politics. 

Over a month, there were huge scale abandonments in Telengana and Goa, MLA's leaving in Karnataka and the legislature falling there, many perceived appearances of the party in Maharsahtra and Assam exchanging over to Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP). My assumptions accept that Rahul Gandhi as Congress President was achieving a change, which has not worked or I would state fizzled at National Level however then again, he has been effective in inspiring the young people of the Congress Party, who he accepted were anxious to assume greater jobs. However, presently the genuine results spun not long after the resignation of Rahul Gandhi, where huge numbers of the adolescents related or as of late joined are currently intending to move out or walk away from the ideology of the party. 

Sonia Gandhi then again was longest serving President of Indian National Congress almost 19 years. The methodology of Sonia Gandhi back as President is currently to hold the young people of the gathering together who were wanting to move now. The least that could happen today is that she could ring them and ensure that they don't leave, which will give an additional weight-age than the Rahul Gandhi. The explanation for the weight-age is certain that soon the decisions got over Rahul Gandhi escape for the occasions and not in any case an exertion was made by him in order to save the government in Karnataka. 

Likewise Sonia Gandhi starting at now is figuring out how to keep the seat warmer. As she most likely is aware soon her son or daughter, one of them, would be solid and steady to take upon the seat. As of the thing Congress couldn't have made due for a very long time if Non Gandhi would have been made the President. Picking the options could have raised the feuds among the members of the party as examined before the young isn't in flawless and would have moved away. 

In addition, numerous bills have been passed regardless of the majority of UPA  in the Rajya Sabha. Likewise I accept that the adolescent stands with the belief system of Rahul Gandhi yet shouldn't something be said about the old school of the Congress and their alies. BSP head Mayawati and AITC head Mamta Bannerjee were discontent with the choices taken by ex Congress President Rahul Gandhi. In any case, presently as the philosophy of Sonia Gandhi stands head to head with the old school, so this move could likewise get the certainty of the previous partners of the party. 

The things in the existence should be changed at times so the Congress has now comprehended that the timing in the governmental issues is critical for the fore said changes which are in arrangemenirts or in the philosophies or in the initiative . I accept honeymoon of BJP for the win of 2019 Lok Sabha races is yet not finished and this night course of action could be the best thing that could have ever happen to the Congress party on the worry of the timings. Likewise this move for the arrival of Sonia Gandhi is a genuine sign that the party can't go ahead without the surname GANDHI's in the leadership.

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