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    Sunday, July 29, 2018

    Nicaragua Protests: Revolution against the man who once lead The Revolution

    NEW DELHI, INDIA: It's a revolution against the man who led the revolution in Nicaragua. 39 years ago Daniel Ortega and his army of Sandinista rebels were successful in disposing of President Anastasio Somoza calling him 'The Dictator', exactly what the men of the country are calling Ortega now. The three-time presidents defied almost four months of the protests against his rule, in which at least 300 protestors killed and thousands injured with many living in the fear as Gamma roam the streets including Former Rebel stronghold.

    Daniel Ortega first comes to power nearly 40 years ago. He returned to the Presidency in 2007 and quickly set out to consolidate the power. As he called for the peace and unity, his armed forces launched open fire on the residents. The people of the country started lifting the barricades after the violent crackdown by the government on the protestors, turning Masaya into the war zone. The people started to defend their neighborhood fighting the forces for the month. 

    This is not about the social security but about the democracy.

    It erupted when 30 years old Antonio Hernandez disappeared for three days but lately, his dead body was found at the Coroner's Office in the capital Managua, with cuts on the hands showing the abuse resulting as the sign of Dictatorship in the country by the man who once led the revolution against the dictatorship. The caravan of heavily armed and masked gunmen have taken control of the Messiah driving around in the streets without the license plates after the government and pro-government forces launched the operation Cleanup.  The paramilitary still controls the streets after the tension rises in the city.

    Messiahs Forces say that the Cleanup Operation was ordered by President Daniel Ortega and his wife Vice-President Rosario Maria in order to bring back stability after the week of turmoil in the city. Ortega has stacked the courts, taking over the legislature and rigged elections, demanding the resignation of the man who once led the revolution against the dictatorship. 
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