Zimbabwe Elections 2018 : First Election without Bob on the Ballot

NEW DELHI INDIA: This is Zimbabwe's first ever elections without Bob on the Ballot but Robert Mugabe, the 94 year old ex despot who rigged the elections to keep the opposition out of the power. Mugabe was then left to cheers and boos, but for some he remained the Independence Hero. Elections are held to elect members of Parliament and the President of the country.

To the date the people of the country have had 2 elected presidents of which one is Canaan Banana and then Robert Mugabe who ended up ruling the country for 37 years up to December 2017. The fact that the country had one President over such a long period does not invalidate the elections held during this period. One of the Important results came in 2008 where the ruling party lost majority and ended up going for run-off and eventually a government of national unity with Morgan Tsvangirai as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe.
Members of parliament have consistently changed over the period. In terms of say rigging, or being free and fair the issue is a bit complicated. It is difficult to comment as there have been no such official statement to that effect. Even the MDC after losing elections in 2013 initially challenged the results but later withdrew the challenge.

Now that the country had elections in 2018, the elections are crucial because they signify the country moving away from the current government which came to power not through an election. They legitimize the government and they are seen as the opportunity for Zimbabweans to decide their destiny by choosing a leader in a free and fair election. The international community awaits for free and fair elections to give a legitimate government and a conducive environment for investment.

Also, this is the first time, the election have been held without Bob on the Ballot. On the other hand, Mr Chamisa, who has repeatedly accused the country's electoral authorities of colluding with Mr Mnangagwa and his Zanu-PF Party, claimed queues at some polling stations in Harare on Monday were a deliberate attempt to reduce turnout in traditional strongholds of the opposition MDC Alliance.

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