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    Saturday, February 15, 2020

    CAA India - 'Law of Imaginary Enemy' impacting Bengal Elections?

    New Delhi, India: CAA India - Citizenship Amendment Act or what I call it as 'The Law of Imaginary Enemy' was amended into the Indian Citizenship Act of 1955 by Bhartiya Janta Party(BJP). As indicated by HM Amit Shah, the CAA is planned  for giving the privilege of Indian citizenship to all the 'persecuted people' from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh beside the Muslims, notwithstanding other things. I believe that CAA being an exclusionary law has made real apprehensions in the psyches of the Indian Minorities as they are now recalling and comparing themselves the happenings of Jews in Germany and the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. 

    It is seeming as though the government has started accepting each Muslim in this nation as an Imaginary Enemy dependent on their own philosophy of making India the 'Hindu Rashtra'. Why CAA is unconstitutional? Truly, it is unlawful as it recognises potential refugees seeking asylum and the citizenship will now be conceded distinctly based on religion of the individualOn the off chance that you are Muslim from the nations other than Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh and endeavouring to get Indian citizenship, I acknowledge, in future, it will get progressively irksome and furthermore people would need to stand up to a religious based discrimination because to this unlawful amendment of CAARegardlessthis discrimination is contradictory to the Constitution  whereas other civilised and efficient countries will somehow not discriminate their own individual kinsmen on the basis of religion, caste, class or colour. 

    The opposition party Congress allying with leftist and far-leftist have succeeded somehow in creating the fear of a nationwide CAA and NRC Congress in this country. However, this vote-bank political move of BJP may have blurred oft-stated thought of secularism and furthermore have obviously made presumptions of Muslims living right now an imaginary enemy. Yet, this act has far and away also do while thinking about the the illegal migration in the state of West Bengal. In 2001, the Total Fertility Rate(TFR) for Hindus was evaluated to be 2.2 (simply over the substitution level of 2.1) and that of Muslims is an astounding 4.1. The Congress not releasing the Census for Bengal in 2011 makes it completely clear that Mamata's hold in Bengal is because of illicit Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators. 

    The worry isn't the Muslims going past the half imprint in a portion of the regions but the advantages of governmental schemes being enjoyed by these illegal vagrants without paying for the taxes in the nation. Right now, this CAA's move of the Hindu nationalist government and the the upraised dread for 'Law of Imaginary Enemy'' will surely impact the elections of West Bengal and this might put an end to the dictatorial rule of Mamata Banerjee holing up behind the vote of  these illegal migrants. 

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