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    Thursday, March 19, 2020

    Coronavirus Lockdowns: Assumed Phases of India's Covid-19 Prevention Strategy?

    New Delhi, India: Witnessing the world Coronavirus lockdowns, here are some of the assumed Phases of India's Covid-19 Prevention Strategy:

    Phase 1: Lock-down/Sec 144 [20 March to 12 April]
    1. Section 144 in all the places majorly across the affected areas
    2. Private enterprises asked to work from home
    3. All storefront non-essential business including restaurants, bars etc shut
    4. All schools, colleges, cinemas etc remain shut
    5. Public transport travel will be limited to need basis only
    6. Religious places and places of worship shut down
    7. All events including marriages and ceremonies will be cancelled
    Phase 2: Precautionary Phase with Social Distancing [13 April to 17 May]
    1. Reassessing the situation and lift of section 144 in most of the places and the section 144 will remain intact in the metro cities of the nation
    2. Continue to selectively keep colleges, temples and places of large gatherings(>50) to be completely shut
    3. Encourage the private enterprises to ask their employees to work from home
    4. The storefront businesses of all goods and services will be reopened.

    Phase 3: Second Lock-down/ Sec 144 [18 May to 31 May]
    1. Monitoring the arising conditions from Phase 2, the country might witness a second planned lock-down
    2. The planned lock-down will ensure that the people in this country don't see a second peak after initial restrictions are lifted
    3. In 1918, the flu Denver saw a second peak very quickly after loosening the restrictions  
    Phase 4: Opening up with social distances [June Onwards]
    1. All the restrictions will be lifted and colleges, schools and all other educational organisations will be allowed to reopen
    2. The citizens will be encouraged to adopt cautions and will be asked coninously to matain a hygiene and social distancing 
    3. The situation in the country will be monitored for the consecutive time and the need for the 3rd lock-down will be accessed.
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