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    Wednesday, March 18, 2020

    Coronavirus Punjab: Educators left out of Prevention Strategy despite Institutions Shutdown?


    Patiala, India: The relentless danger of rising Coronavirus in the India has made the complete shutdown of all government and private schools, colleges and universities till March 31. However, there are some education institutions  where the counteraction prevention by Chief Minister is not followed or yet to be followed. Additionally, in a significant number of the private colleges and schools, the holidays for the students have been announced but educators/teachers are still not alleviated of their everyday schedule and responsibilities. This has stressed and made the dread of the maladies in the attitude of the educators and they have begun to accept that the Government has left them out of the Prevention Strategy. 

    The nation had already witnessed the fast-moving developments in the spread of this contiguous virus yet the Punjab Government is seen failing in having the check upon their decision of the complete shutdown due to certain private money-minded universities. Based upon the prevention strategy laid by the State Higher Education Minister Trupt Rajinder Singh Bajwa on the instructions of Chief Minister, the decision was taken for the uncalled shutdown keeping in mind the unstoppable spread of the Coronovirus (Covid-19). Earlier, the state education minister Vijay Inder Singla had announced holidays till March 31 in government and private schools and also he added that in the schools where the examinations are going on, the examinations will continue as per the schedule. 

    From my personal view I believe, the guidelines by Govt of Punjab are more clearer and understandable for these institutions. Internationally, the guidelines and instructions laid by the World Health Organisation are broader and should anyhow be implemented even for the employees and teachers. The science behind the social distancing is real and in this world effected by the pandemic one should have the complete ability to do their jobs entirely from home. On the other hand, considering the mortality rate of the Coronavirus, the people are already scared and the government and media are doing nothing but instigating fear locally, in the economy, and in the workforce. Also, the businesses are having to adapt quickly in order to survive and it is very possible that the legacy of Coronovirus may forever change the nature of recruitment and the workplace landscape. 

    Coronavirus Outbreak: Central govt proposes nationwide closure of all educational institutions due to Covid-19 spread

    Central government has the idea of closing all educational institutes because of the coronavirus outbreak. (Photo Credits- PTI) The government on Monday issued a fresh advisory on social distancing measures in view of the growing number of coronavrius (Covid-19) cases in the country.

    Therefore, the urge is to request the government to take strict actions in the ongoing pandemic. Some of the suggestions in reducing social distance due to global spread of Coronavirus are listed as following :

    1) Cutting out the commute between the employees/educators can be both a huge morale booster and a big step towards the prevention of the widespread disease(Covid-19). 

    2) The nation has already started witnessing the Economic Slowdown due to previous disastrous steps taken by Govt. of India and now the unstoppable Coronavirus. Therefore, during these hours of deprivations, one should ask the working class to waste less money on petroleum or avoid gathering/travelling in public transportation. 

    3) These money-minded institutions will benefit if they keep their educators safe. In addition, this will make employees more happier and they will not quit. Otherwise, if these institutes don't care then they will be more likely to switch their on-going employment soon after the pandemic is over. 

    4) The capacity for remote learning and diagnostics should be enhanced and encouraged under the plan for closure of schools, colleges, government offices (while ensuring essential services). 
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